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39.17 Images

To display an image in an Emacs buffer, you must first create an image descriptor, then use it as a display specifier in the display property of text that is displayed (see Display Property).

Emacs is usually able to display images when it is run on a graphical terminal. Images cannot be displayed in a text terminal, on certain graphical terminals that lack the support for this, or if Emacs is compiled without image support. You can use the function display-images-p to determine if images can in principle be displayed (see Display Feature Testing).

Image Formats  Supported image formats.
Image Descriptors  How to specify an image for use in :display.
XBM Images  Special features for XBM format.
XPM Images  Special features for XPM format.
ImageMagick Images  Special features available through ImageMagick.
SVG Images  Creating and manipulating SVG images.
Other Image Types  Various other formats are supported.
Defining Images  Convenient ways to define an image for later use.
Showing Images  Convenient ways to display an image once it is defined.
Multi-Frame Images  Some images contain more than one frame.
Image Cache  Internal mechanisms of image display.