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E GNU Emacs Internals

This chapter describes how the runnable Emacs executable is dumped with the preloaded Lisp libraries in it, how storage is allocated, and some internal aspects of GNU Emacs that may be of interest to C programmers.

Building Emacs  How the dumped Emacs is made.
Pure Storage  Kludge to make preloaded Lisp functions shareable.
Garbage Collection  Reclaiming space for Lisp objects no longer used.
Stack-allocated Objects  Temporary conses and strings on C stack.
Memory Usage  Info about total size of Lisp objects made so far.
C Dialect  What C variant Emacs is written in.
Writing Emacs Primitives  Writing C code for Emacs.
Writing Dynamic Modules  Writing loadable modules for Emacs.
Object Internals  Data formats of buffers, windows, processes.
C Integer Types  How C integer types are used inside Emacs.