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33 Non-ASCII Characters

This chapter covers the special issues relating to characters and how they are stored in strings and buffers.

Text Representations  How Emacs represents text.
Disabling Multibyte  Controlling whether to use multibyte characters.
Converting Representations  Converting unibyte to multibyte and vice versa.
Selecting a Representation  Treating a byte sequence as unibyte or multi.
Character Codes  How unibyte and multibyte relate to codes of individual characters.
Character Properties  Character attributes that define their behavior and handling.
Character Sets  The space of possible character codes is divided into various character sets.
Scanning Charsets  Which character sets are used in a buffer?
Translation of Characters  Translation tables are used for conversion.
Coding Systems  Coding systems are conversions for saving files.
Input Methods  Input methods allow users to enter various non-ASCII characters without special keyboards.
Locales  Interacting with the POSIX locale.