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34 Searching and Matching

GNU Emacs provides two ways to search through a buffer for specified text: exact string searches and regular expression searches. After a regular expression search, you can examine the match data to determine which text matched the whole regular expression or various portions of it.

String Search  Search for an exact match.
Searching and Case  Case-independent or case-significant searching.
Regular Expressions  Describing classes of strings.
Regexp Search  Searching for a match for a regexp.
POSIX Regexps  Searching POSIX-style for the longest match.
Match Data  Finding out which part of the text matched, after a string or regexp search.
Search and Replace  Commands that loop, searching and replacing.
Standard Regexps  Useful regexps for finding sentences, pages,...

The ‘skip-chars…’ functions also perform a kind of searching. See Skipping Characters. To search for changes in character properties, see Property Search.