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28 Windows

This chapter describes the functions and variables related to Emacs windows. See Frames, for how windows are assigned an area of screen available for Emacs to use. See Display, for information on how text is displayed in windows.

Basic Windows  Basic information on using windows.
Windows and Frames  Relating windows to the frame they appear on.
Window Sizes  Accessing a window’s size.
Resizing Windows  Changing the sizes of windows.
Preserving Window Sizes  Preserving the size of windows.
Splitting Windows  Creating a new window.
Deleting Windows  Removing a window from its frame.
Recombining Windows  Preserving the frame layout when splitting and deleting windows.
Selecting Windows  The selected window is the one that you edit in.
Cyclic Window Ordering  Moving around the existing windows.
Buffers and Windows  Each window displays the contents of a buffer.
Switching Buffers  Higher-level functions for switching to a buffer.
Displaying Buffers  Displaying a buffer in a suitable window.
Window History  Each window remembers the buffers displayed in it.
Dedicated Windows  How to avoid displaying another buffer in a specific window.
Quitting Windows  How to restore the state prior to displaying a buffer.
Side Windows  Special windows on a frame’s sides.
Atomic Windows  Preserving parts of the window layout.
Window Point  Each window has its own location of point.
Window Start and End  Buffer positions indicating which text is on-screen in a window.
Textual Scrolling  Moving text up and down through the window.
Vertical Scrolling  Moving the contents up and down on the window.
Horizontal Scrolling  Moving the contents sideways on the window.
Coordinates and Windows  Converting coordinates to windows.
Mouse Window Auto-selection  Automatically selecting windows with the mouse.
Window Configurations  Saving and restoring the state of the screen.
Window Parameters  Associating additional information with windows.
Window Hooks  Hooks for scrolling, window size changes, redisplay going past a certain point, or window configuration changes.