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15 Customization Settings

Users of Emacs can customize variables and faces without writing Lisp code, by using the Customize interface. See Easy Customization in The GNU Emacs Manual. This chapter describes how to define customization items that users can interact with through the Customize interface.

Customization items include customizable variables, which are defined with the defcustom macro; customizable faces, which are defined with defface (described separately in Defining Faces); and customization groups, defined with defgroup, which act as containers for groups of related customization items.

Common Keywords  Common keyword arguments for all kinds of customization declarations.
Group Definitions  Writing customization group definitions.
Variable Definitions  Declaring user options.
Customization Types  Specifying the type of a user option.
Applying Customizations  Functions to apply customization settings.
Custom Themes  Writing Custom themes.