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8.4 Other Hash Table Functions

Here are some other functions for working with hash tables.

function hash-table-p table​

This returns non-nil if table is a hash table object.

function copy-hash-table table​

This function creates and returns a copy of table. Only the table itself is copiedβ€”the keys and values are shared.

function hash-table-count table​

This function returns the actual number of entries in table.

function hash-table-test table​

This returns the test value that was given when table was created, to specify how to hash and compare keys. See make-hash-table (see Creating Hash).

function hash-table-weakness table​

This function returns the weak value that was specified for hash table table.

function hash-table-rehash-size table​

This returns the rehash size of table.

function hash-table-rehash-threshold table​

This returns the rehash threshold of table.

function hash-table-size table​

This returns the current nominal size of table.