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33.10 Coding Systems

When Emacs reads or writes a file, and when Emacs sends text to a subprocess or receives text from a subprocess, it normally performs character code conversion and end-of-line conversion as specified by a particular coding system.

How to define a coding system is an arcane matter, and is not documented here.

Coding System Basics  Basic concepts.
Encoding and I/O  How file I/O functions handle coding systems.
Lisp and Coding Systems  Functions to operate on coding system names.
User-Chosen Coding Systems  Asking the user to choose a coding system.
Default Coding Systems  Controlling the default choices.
Specifying Coding Systems  Requesting a particular coding system for a single file operation.
Explicit Encoding  Encoding or decoding text without doing I/O.
Terminal I/O Encoding  Use of encoding for terminal I/O.