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32.30.3 JSONRPC JSON object format

JSONRPC JSON objects are exchanged as Lisp plists (see Property Lists): JSON-compatible plists are handed to the dispatcher functions and, likewise, JSON-compatible plists should be given to jsonrpc-notify, jsonrpc-request, and jsonrpc-async-request.

To facilitate handling plists, this library makes liberal use of cl-lib library (see cl-lib in Common Lisp Extensions for GNU Emacs Lisp) and suggests (but doesn’t force) its clients to do the same. A macro jsonrpc-lambda can be used to create a lambda for destructuring a JSON-object like in this example:

myproc :frobnicate `(:foo "trix")
:success-fn (jsonrpc-lambda (&key bar baz &allow-other-keys)
(message "Server replied back with %s and %s!"
bar baz))
:error-fn (jsonrpc-lambda (&key code message _data)
(message "Sadly, server reports %s: %s"
code message)))