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21.13 Window Dividers

On graphical displays, you can use window dividers in order to separate windows visually. Window dividers are bars that can be dragged with the mouse, thus allowing you to easily resize adjacent windows.

To toggle the display of window dividers, use the command M-x window-divider-mode.

To customize where dividers should appear, use the option window-divider-default-places. Its value should be either bottom-only (to show dividers only on the bottom of windows), right-only (to show dividers only on the right of windows), or t (to show them on the bottom and on the right).

To adjust the width of window dividers displayed by this mode customize the options window-divider-default-bottom-width and window-divider-default-right-width.

When vertical scroll bars are disabled, dividers can be also useful to make the first pixel column of a window visible, which would be otherwise covered by the vertical border used to separate side-by-side windows (see Scroll Bars).

For more details about window dividers see Window Dividers in The Emacs Lisp Reference Manual.