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51 Dealing with Emacs Trouble

This section describes how to recognize and deal with situations in which Emacs does not work as you expect, such as keyboard code mixups, garbled displays, running out of memory, and crashes and hangs.

See Bugs, for what to do when you think you have found a bug in Emacs.

DEL Does Not Delete  What to do if DEL doesn’t delete.
Stuck Recursive  [...]’ in mode line around the parentheses.
Screen Garbled  Garbage on the screen.
Text Garbled  Garbage in the text.
Memory Full  How to cope when you run out of memory.
Crashing  What Emacs does when it crashes.
After a Crash  Recovering editing in an Emacs session that crashed.
Emergency Escape  What to do if Emacs stops responding.
Long Lines  Mitigating slowness due to extremely long lines.