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27 Compiling and Testing Programs

The previous chapter discusses the Emacs commands that are useful for making changes in programs. This chapter deals with commands that assist in the process of compiling and testing programs.

Compilation  Compiling programs in languages other than Lisp (C, Pascal, etc.).
Compilation Mode  The mode for visiting compiler errors.
Compilation Shell  Customizing your shell properly for use in the compilation buffer.
Grep Searching  Searching with grep.
Flymake  Finding syntax errors on the fly.
Debuggers  Running symbolic debuggers for non-Lisp programs.
Executing Lisp  Various modes for editing Lisp programs, with different facilities for running the Lisp programs.
Libraries  How Lisp programs are loaded into Emacs.
Eval  Executing a single Lisp expression in Emacs.
Interaction  Executing Lisp in an Emacs buffer.
External Lisp  Communicating through Emacs with a separate Lisp.