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33 Reading Mail with Rmail

Rmail is an Emacs subsystem for reading and disposing of mail that you receive. Rmail stores mail messages in files called Rmail files. Reading the messages in an Rmail file is done in a special major mode, Rmail mode, which redefines most letters to run commands for managing mail.

Emacs also comes with a much more sophisticated and flexible subsystem for reading mail, called Gnus. Gnus is a very large package, and is therefore described in its own manual, see The Gnus Newsreader.

Basic  Basic concepts of Rmail, and simple use.
Scroll  Scrolling through a message.
Motion  Moving to another message.
Deletion  Deleting and expunging messages.
Inbox  How mail gets into the Rmail file.
Files  Using multiple Rmail files.
Output  Copying messages out to files.
Labels  Classifying messages by labeling them.
Attrs  Certain standard labels, called attributes.
Reply  Sending replies to messages you are viewing.
Summary  Summaries show brief info on many messages.
Sort  Sorting messages in Rmail.
Display  How Rmail displays a message; customization.
Coding  How Rmail handles decoding character sets.
Editing  Editing message text and headers in Rmail.
Digest  Extracting the messages from a digest message.
Rot13  Reading messages encoded in the rot13 code.
Movemail  More details of fetching new mail.
Remote Mailboxes  Retrieving mail from remote mailboxes.
Other Mailbox Formats  Retrieving mail from local mailboxes in various formats.