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16 Commands for Fixing Typos

In this chapter we describe commands that are useful when you catch a mistake while editing. The most fundamental of these commands is the undo command C-/ (also bound to C-x u and C-_). This undoes a single command, or a part of a command (as in the case of query-replace), or several consecutive character insertions. Consecutive repetitions of C-/ undo earlier and earlier changes, back to the limit of the undo information available.

Aside from the commands described here, you can erase text using deletion commands such as DEL (delete-backward-char). These were described earlier in this manual. See Erasing.

Undo  The Undo commands.
Transpose  Exchanging two characters, words, lines, lists...
Fixing Case  Correcting case of last word entered.
Spelling  Apply spelling checker to a word, or a whole file.