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26 Editing Programs

This chapter describes Emacs features for facilitating editing programs. Some of the things these features can do are:

  • Find or move over top-level definitions (see Defuns).
  • Apply the usual indentation conventions of the language (see Program Indent).
  • Balance parentheses (see Parentheses).
  • Insert, kill or align comments (see Comments).
  • Highlight program syntax (see Font Lock).
Program Modes  Major modes for editing programs.
Defuns  Commands to operate on major top-level parts of a program.
Program Indent  Adjusting indentation to show the nesting.
Parentheses  Commands that operate on parentheses.
Comments  Inserting, killing, and aligning comments.
Documentation  Getting documentation of functions you plan to call.
Hideshow  Displaying blocks selectively.
Symbol Completion  Completion on symbol names of your program or language.
MixedCase Words  Dealing with identifiersLikeThis.
Semantic  Suite of editing tools based on source code parsing.
Misc for Programs  Other Emacs features useful for editing programs.
C Modes  Special commands of C, C++, Objective-C, Java, IDL, Pike and AWK modes.
Asm Mode  Asm mode and its special features.
Fortran  Fortran mode and its special features.