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25.15.8 Table Miscellany

The command table-query-dimension reports the layout of the table and table cell at point. Here is an example of its output:

Cell: (21w, 6h), Table: (67w, 16h), Dim: (2c, 3r), Total Cells: 5

This indicates that the current cell is 21 characters wide and 6 lines high, the table is 67 characters wide and 16 lines high with 2 columns and 3 rows, and a total of 5 cells.

M-x table-insert-sequence traverses the cells of a table inserting a sequence of text strings into each cell as it goes. It asks for the base string of the sequence, and then produces the sequence by “incrementing" the base string, either numerically (if the base string ends in numerical characters) or in the ASCII order. In addition to the base string, the command prompts for the number of elements in the sequence, the increment, the cell interval, and the justification of the text in each cell.

M-x table-generate-source generates a table formatted for a specific markup language. It asks for a language (which must be one of html, latex, cals, wiki or mediawiki), a destination buffer in which to put the result, and a table caption, and then inserts the generated table into the specified buffer. The default destination buffer is table.lang, where lang is the language you specified.