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G.12 Emacs and MS-DOS

This section briefly describes the peculiarities of using Emacs on MS-DOS. Information about peculiarities common to MS-DOS and Microsoft’s current operating systems Windows is in Microsoft Windows.

If you build Emacs for MS-DOS, the binary will also run on Windows 3.X, Windows NT, Windows 9X/ME, or Windows 2000/XP as a DOS application; all of this chapter applies for all of those systems, if you use an Emacs that was built for MS-DOS.

See Text and Binary, for information about Emacs’s special handling of text files under MS-DOS (and Windows).

Keyboard  Keyboard conventions on MS-DOS.
Mouse  Mouse conventions on MS-DOS.
Display  Fonts, frames and display size on MS-DOS.
Files  File name conventions on MS-DOS.
Printing  Printing specifics on MS-DOS.
I18N  Support for internationalization on MS-DOS.
Processes  Running subprocesses on MS-DOS.