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10.9 Help Files

Apart from the built-in documentation and manuals, Emacs contains several other files describing topics like copying conditions, release notes, instructions for debugging and reporting bugs, and so forth. You can use the following commands to view these files. Apart from C-h g, they all have the form C-h C-char.

C-h C-c

Display the rules under which you can copy and redistribute Emacs (describe-copying).

C-h C-d

Display help for debugging Emacs (view-emacs-debugging).

C-h C-e

Display information about where to get external packages (view-external-packages).

C-h C-f

Display the Emacs frequently-answered-questions list (view-emacs-FAQ).

C-h g

Visit the page with information about the GNU Project (describe-gnu-project).

C-h C-m

Display information about ordering printed copies of Emacs manuals (view-order-manuals).

C-h C-n

Display the news, which lists the new features in this version of Emacs (view-emacs-news).

C-h C-o

Display how to order or download the latest version of Emacs and other GNU software (describe-distribution).

C-h C-p

Display the list of known Emacs problems, sometimes with suggested workarounds (view-emacs-problems).

C-h C-t

Display the Emacs to-do list (view-emacs-todo).

C-h C-w

Display the full details on the complete absence of warranty for GNU Emacs (describe-no-warranty).