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46.5 Finding Files and URLs at Point

The FFAP package replaces certain key bindings for finding files, such as C-x C-f, with commands that provide more sensible defaults. These commands behave like the ordinary ones when given a prefix argument. Otherwise, they get the default file name or URL from the text around point. If what is found in the buffer has the form of a URL rather than a file name, the commands use browse-url to view it (see Browse-URL).

This feature is useful for following references in mail or news buffers, README files, MANIFEST files, and so on. For more information, view the package commentary by typing C-h P ffap RET.

To enable FFAP, type M-x ffap-bindings. This makes the following key bindings, and also installs hooks for additional FFAP functionality in Rmail, Gnus and VM article buffers.

C-x C-f filename RET

Find filename, guessing a default from text around point (find-file-at-point).

C-x C-r filename RET

ffap-read-only, analogous to find-file-read-only.

C-x C-v filename RET

ffap-alternate-file, analogous to find-alternate-file.

C-x d directory RET

Start Dired on directory, defaulting to the directory at point (dired-at-point).

C-x C-d directory RET

ffap-list-directory, analogous to list-directory.

C-x 4 f filename RET

ffap-other-window, analogous to find-file-other-window.

C-x 4 r filename RET

ffap-read-only-other-window, analogous to find-file-read-only-other-window.

C-x 4 d directory RET

ffap-dired-other-window, like dired-other-window.

C-x 5 f filename RET

ffap-other-frame, analogous to find-file-other-frame.

C-x 5 r filename RET

ffap-read-only-other-frame, analogous to find-file-read-only-other-frame.

C-x 5 d directory RET

ffap-dired-other-frame, analogous to dired-other-frame.

M-x ffap-next

Search buffer for next file name or URL, then find that file or URL.


ffap-at-mouse finds the file guessed from text around the position of a mouse click.


Display a menu of files and URLs mentioned in current buffer, then find the one you select (ffap-menu).