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13.12 OpenDocument Text Export

The ODT export back-end handles creating of OpenDocument Text (ODT) format. Documents created by this exporter use the OpenDocument-v1.2 specification1 and are compatible with LibreOffice 3.4.

Pre-requisites for ODT export  Required packages.
ODT export commands  Invoking export.
ODT specific export settings  Configuration options.
Extending ODT export  Producing DOC, PDF files.
Applying custom styles  Styling the output.
Links in ODT export  Handling and formatting links.
Tables in ODT export  Org tables conversions.
Images in ODT export  Inserting images.
Math formatting in ODT export  Formatting LaTeX fragments.
Labels and captions in ODT export  Rendering objects.
Literal examples in ODT export  For source code and example blocks.
Advanced topics in ODT export  For power users.