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12 Markup for Rich Contents

Org is primarily about organizing and searching through your plain-text notes. However, it also provides a lightweight yet robust markup language for rich text formatting and more. For instance, you may want to center or emphasize text. Or you may need to insert a formula or image in your writing. Org offers syntax for all of this and more. Used in conjunction with the export framework (see Exporting), you can author beautiful documents in Org—like the fine manual you are currently reading.

Paragraphs  The basic unit of text.
Emphasis and Monospace  Bold, italic, etc.
Subscripts and Superscripts  Simple syntax for raising/lowering text.
Special Symbols  Greek letters and other symbols.
Embedded LaTeX  LaTeX can be freely used inside Org documents.
Literal Examples  Source code examples with special formatting.
Images  Display an image.
Captions  Describe tables, images...
Horizontal Rules  Make a line.
Creating Footnotes  Edit and read footnotes.