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13.12.10 Labels and captions in ODT export

ODT format handles labeling and captioning of objects based on their types. Inline images, tables, LaTeX fragments, and Math formulas are numbered and captioned separately. Each object also gets a unique sequence number based on its order of first appearance in the Org file. Each category has its own sequence. A caption is just a label applied to these objects.

#+CAPTION: Bell curve
#+NAME: fig:SED-HR4049

When rendered, it may show as follows in the exported document:

Figure 2: Bell curve

To modify the category component of the caption, customize the option org-odt-category-map-alist. For example, to tag embedded images with the string “Illustration" instead of the default string “Figure", use the following setting:

(setq org-odt-category-map-alist
'(("__Figure__" "Illustration" "value" "Figure" org-odt--enumerable-image-p)))

With the above modification, the previous example changes to:

Illustration 2: Bell curve