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2 Document Structure

Org is an outliner. Outlines allow a document to be organized in a hierarchical structure, which, least for me, is the best representation of notes and thoughts. An overview of this structure is achieved by folding, i.e., hiding large parts of the document to show only the general document structure and the parts currently being worked on. Org greatly simplifies the use of outlines by compressing the entire show and hide functionalities into a single command, org-cycle, which is bound to the TAB key.

Headlines  How to typeset Org tree headlines.
Visibility Cycling  Show and hide, much simplified.
Motion  Jumping to other headlines.
Structure Editing  Changing sequence and level of headlines.
Sparse Trees  Matches embedded in context.
Plain Lists  Additional structure within an entry.
Drawers  Tucking stuff away.
Blocks  Folding blocks.