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13.9.2 HTML specific export settings

HTML export has a number of keywords, similar to the general options settings described in Export Settings.


This is the document’s description, which the HTML exporter inserts it as a HTML meta tag in the HTML file. For long descriptions, use multiple β€˜DESCRIPTION’ lines. The exporter takes care of wrapping the lines properly.


Specify the document type, for example: HTML5 (org-html-doctype).


Specify the HTML container, such as β€˜div’, for wrapping sections and elements (org-html-container-element).

The URL for home link (org-html-link-home).

The URL for the up link of exported HTML pages (org-html-link-up).


Options for MathJax (org-html-mathjax-options). MathJax is used to typeset LaTeX math in HTML documents. See Math formatting in HTML export, for an example.


Arbitrary lines for appending to the HTML document’s head (org-html-head).


More arbitrary lines for appending to the HTML document’s head (org-html-head-extra).


Keywords to describe the document’s content. HTML exporter inserts these keywords as HTML meta tags. For long keywords, use multiple β€˜KEYWORDS’ lines.


Arbitrary lines for appending to the preamble; HTML exporter appends when transcoding LaTeX fragments to images (see Math formatting in HTML export).


The document’s subtitle. HTML exporter formats subtitle if document type is β€˜HTML5’ and the CSS has a β€˜subtitle’ class.

Some of these keywords are explained in more detail in the following sections of the manual.