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13.14.4 Texinfo title and copyright page

The default template for hard copy output has a title page with ‘TITLE’ and ‘AUTHOR’ keywords (see Export Settings). To replace the regular title with something different for the printed version, use the ‘TEXINFO_PRINTED_TITLE’ and ‘SUBTITLE’ keywords. Both expect raw Texinfo code for setting their values.

If one ‘AUTHOR’ line is not sufficient, add multiple ‘SUBAUTHOR’ keywords. They have to be set in raw Texinfo code.

#+AUTHOR: Jane Smith
#+TEXINFO_PRINTED_TITLE: This Long Title@@inlinefmt{tex,@*} Is Broken in @TeX{}

Copying material is defined in a dedicated headline with a non-nilCOPYING’ property. The back-end inserts the contents within a ‘@copying’ command at the beginning of the document. The heading itself does not appear in the structure of the document.

Copyright information is printed on the back of the title page.

* Legalese

This is a short example of a complete Texinfo file, version 1.0.

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