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3.5 The Spreadsheet

The table editor makes use of the Emacs Calc package to implement spreadsheet-like capabilities. It can also evaluate Emacs Lisp forms to derive fields from other fields. While fully featured, Org’s implementation is not identical to other spreadsheets. For example, Org knows the concept of a column formula that will be applied to all non-header fields in a column without having to copy the formula to each relevant field. There is also a formula debugger, and a formula editor with features for highlighting fields in the table corresponding to the references at point in the formula, moving these references by arrow keys.

References  How to refer to another field or range.
Formula syntax for Calc  Using Calc to compute stuff.
Formula syntax for Lisp  Writing formulas in Emacs Lisp.
Durations and time values  How to compute durations and time values.
Field and range formulas  Formula for specific (ranges of) fields.
Column formulas  Formulas valid for an entire column.
Lookup functions  Lookup functions for searching tables.
Editing and debugging formulas  Fixing formulas.
Updating the table  Recomputing all dependent fields.
Advanced features  Field and column names, automatic recalculation...