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A.4 Adding Export Back-ends

Org’s export engine makes it easy for writing new back-ends. The framework on which the engine was built makes it easy to derive new back-ends from existing ones.

The two main entry points to the export engine are: org-export-define-backend and org-export-define-derived-backend. To grok these functions, see ‘ox-latex.el’ for an example of defining a new back-end from scratch, and ‘ox-beamer.el’ for an example of deriving from an existing engine.

For creating a new back-end from scratch, first set its name as a symbol in an alist consisting of elements and export functions. To make the back-end visible to the export dispatcher, set :menu-entry keyword. For export options specific to this back-end, set the :options-alist.

For creating a new back-end from an existing one, set :translate-alist to an alist of export functions. This alist replaces the parent back-end functions.

For complete documentation, see the Org Export Reference on Worg.