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4 Starting Processors, Viewers and Other Programs

The most powerful features of AUCTeX may be those allowing you to run TeX, LaTeX, ConTeXt and other external commands like BibTeX and makeindex from within Emacs, viewing and printing the results, and moreover allowing you to debug your documents.

AUCTeX comes with a special tool bar for TeX and LaTeX which provides buttons for the most important commands. You can enable or disable it by customizing the options plain-TeX-enable-toolbar and LaTeX-enable-toolbar in the TeX-tool-bar customization group.

• Commands  Invoking external commands.
• Viewing  Invoking external viewers.
• Debugging  Debugging TeX and LaTeX output.
• Checking  Checking the document.
• Control  Controlling the processes.
• Cleaning  Cleaning intermediate and output files.
• Documentation  Documentation about macros and packages.