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2 Editing the Document Source

The most commonly used commands/macros of AUCTeX are those which simply insert templates for often used TeX, LaTeX, or ConTeXt constructs, like font changes, handling of environments, etc. These features are very simple, and easy to learn, and help you avoid mistakes like mismatched braces, or ‘\begin{}’-‘\end{}’ pairs.

Apart from that this chapter contains a description of some features for entering more specialized sorts of text, for formatting the source by indenting and filling and for navigating through the document.

• Quotes  Inserting quotes, dollars, and braces
• Font Specifiers  Inserting Font Specifiers
• Sectioning  Inserting chapters, sections, etc.
• Environments  Inserting Environment Templates
• Mathematics  Entering Mathematics
• Completion  Completion of macros
• Marking  Marking Environments, Sections, or Texinfo Nodes
• Commenting  Commenting text
• Indenting  Reflecting syntactic constructs with whitespace
• Filling  Automatic and manual line breaking