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5.3.5 Reflog

Also see the git-reflog(1) manpage.

These reflog commands are available from the log transient. See Logging.

l r     (magit-reflog-current)

Display the reflog of the current branch.

l O     (magit-reflog-other)

Display the reflog of a branch or another ref.

l H     (magit-reflog-head)

Display the HEAD reflog.

user option magit-reflog-margin

This option specifies whether the margin is initially shown in Magit-Reflog mode buffers and how it is formatted.


  • If INIT is non-nil, then the margin is shown initially.
  • STYLE controls how to format the author or committer date. It can be one of age (to show the age of the commit), age-abbreviated (to abbreviate the time unit to a character), or a string (suitable for format-time-string) to show the actual date. Option magit-log-margin-show-committer-date controls which date is being displayed.
  • WIDTH controls the width of the margin. This exists for forward compatibility and currently the value should not be changed.
  • AUTHOR controls whether the name of the author is also shown by default.
  • AUTHOR-WIDTH has to be an integer. When the name of the author is shown, then this specifies how much space is used to do so.