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7.6 Maildir Patches

Also see the git-am(1) manpage. and the git-apply(1) manpage.

w     (magit-am)

This transient prefix command binds the following suffix commands along with the appropriate infix arguments and displays them in a temporary buffer until a suffix is invoked.

w w     (magit-am-apply-patches)

This command applies one or more patches. If the region marks files, then those are applied as patches. Otherwise this command reads a file-name in the minibuffer, defaulting to the file at point.

w m     (magit-am-apply-maildir)

This command applies patches from a maildir.

w a     (magit-patch-apply)

This command applies a plain patch. For a longer description see Plain Patches. This command is only available from the magit-am transient for historic reasons.

When an "am" operation is in progress, then the transient instead features the following suffix commands.

w w     (magit-am-continue)

This command resumes the current patch applying sequence.

w s     (magit-am-skip)

This command skips the stopped at patch during a patch applying sequence.

w a     (magit-am-abort)

This command aborts the current patch applying sequence. This discards all changes made since the sequence started.